Mammals Found in Russia

Russia has a wildlife population as rich and diverse as its landscape and on a WILDFOOT wildlife adventure to these lands there are numerous intriguing and unique mammals that you can expect to encounter.

Read on to see which animals you may witness in each of the regions that we visit.

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Simon Rowland
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Russia Wildlife Expeditions

Russian Arctic Mammals

The most sought-after mammals in the Arctic region are polar bears and these are commonly found in Franz Josef Land and on Wrangel Island, where there are also musk oxen. Other land species to be found are Arctic fox, reindeer and occasionally lemming.

Various species of whales are seen including:

  • Humpback
  • Blue
  • Minke
  • White Beluga

There is also a variety of pinnipeds, including Atlantic walrus and bearded and ringed seals. Harp seals breed in the White Sea area.

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Russian Far East Mammals

The largest land mammal in the Russian Far East is the Kamchatka brown bear, which can be seen from the Sea of Okhotsk right up to Chukotka. Others that can be seen include red and Arctic foxes, Arctic ground squirrels, mountain hares, black-capped marmot and snow sheep.

There are a wide variety of sea mammals that are commonly encountered, including the endearing sea otter plus the following:


  • Northern right
  • Grey
  • Humpback
  • Minke
  • Fin
  • Sperm
  • Baird’s beaked
  • Orca
  • Beluga

  • Pacific walrus
  • Stellers’ sea lion
  • Ribbon
  • Harbour, largha and northern fur seals
  • Harbour and Dall’s porpoise

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